Bannon’s Radio Free China

Trump strategist Steve Bannon has now targeted the Chinese Communist Party.

Don’t Lecture Me

Hardcore liberals are far more apt to engage in public criticism and protest to support their…

Could Face Masks Be Spreading the Coronavirus?

We may have virus-contaminated face masks worn by people with absolutely no concept of face mask…

President Trump’s Handling of The Virus Was Not a Failure

In their obsession with removing Donald Trump from office, Democrats have lost all respect for the…

2019’s Joker is 2020’s Reality

In our 2020 movie, progressivism leapfrogs peaceful protest for anarchy and an erasure of America with…

Obama Holdovers with Islamist Connections Still Employed by the DoJ

What’s with all the Obama holdovers who can still be found throughout the Trump administration?

The Seditious Among Us

By refusing to not only condemn but implicitly encouraging the ongoing riots and violence, the Democrat…

Are Leftists Literally Addicted to Hatred?

Why have politics turned so hateful? Unseen forces are using human psychology to addict us to…

Defunding School Police

Among all foolish ideas, none is stupider than trying to defund police departments.

Hello Liberals: Your Politics Will Not Get You to Justice

Our liberal friends have absolutely no idea how the flat-out riots, courtesy of Antifa and BLM,…

Trusting the Election to the Mr. and Ms. Potato Heads of the Left-Media

Media bias is real, quite unlike the reports to the contrary.

The Progressive Case for Decriminalizing ‘Sex Work’ Dehumanizes Women

Women use 'mind tricks' to survive sexual commercialization. Why does the left call this 'a victimless…

Hanging with the Silenced Majority in Covid Country

This is easily the stupidest period in American history and arguably the most oppressive. That said,…

Are Fake News Polls Hiding a Potential Trump Landslide?

The secret Trump vote, or silent majority, is worth a look.

Joe Biden Left Scranton Long Ago

Joe Biden claims Scranton nativity (true) and Scranton values (not true).  

Eliminating the 1%

"Eliminate the 1%" is essentially a suicide wish.

Say a Prayer for Joe Biden, but Don’t Vote for Him

What is the cost of a Joe Biden presidency wrapped in dementia and socialism? 

Fauci’s Lies and the Political Cowardice of Mask Mandates

It's not science forcing you to wear a mask in public. It's politics.

Beam Me Up, Please

Too many people are willing to live in a contrafactual and contralegal world. 

Ignore the Battleground Polls

It seems that President Trump is trailing in the polls again. What a shock.

How Leftism Replaces Success with Failure

What animates people who embrace socialism is greed for what others have disguised as Marxist liberation.